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Early Bird
Discover ancient Japanese gardens and the lush nature of Kyoto. Starting early, you'll be driven to a 500 year-old temple before meandering south along the eastern edge of the ancient capital. The route is rich with nature and hosts some of the most picturesque temples, shrines and gardens in the country. You'll be off the beaten track discovering some of Kyoto's hidden treasures. Click gallery to see images larger.
Approx 8:30am - 1:00pm
1 person: 35,000円  /  2 people: 50,000円  /  3 people: 60,000円
Bird's Eye
  • Walks vary in length and price and you will find this information in the tour menu. In order to stay discrete and mobile, and to ensure a personal service, we recommend that groups be limited to three people. *


  • If you are staying in Kyoto city you'll be met in the lobby of your hotel and taken by taxi to the tour start point. You'll then be guided through the course at a pace comfortable to you and taken safely back to your hotel (or directed to another place in the city of your choosing).


  • The photographer will be on hand at all times to offer as much, or as little, advice as you like.


  • Have the photographer take your photo in various locations along the route. We will then upload them to our secure Dropbox account from where you can retrieve them at your leisure.





Night Owl
Dust off your tripod or borrow one of our's, and brush up your night photography skills on this after hours experience. Starting at sunset you'll see some of the city's hotspots in a different light – from a historic pagoda silhouetted against the sunset, the backstreets and red lanterns of Gion to the neon lights and alley ways of the historic Pontocho and Kiyamachi - you might even see Kyoto's elusive Geisha. If you'd like to know more just click that button below and send me a message.
Approx 6:00pm - 9:30pm
1 person: 35,000円  /  2 people: 50,000円  /  3 people: 60,000円
Get Free Photos
I'll take your portrait at scenic locations along the route that you can download free to use as you please. 
  • Tours run intermittently. Please ask about availability.

  • Payment to be made at the start of the tour in Japanese Yen.

  • Tours are conducted in English only.

  • Not baby carriage-friendly. Not recommended for children under 12.


  • Your photographer will be on hand at all times.


  • Routes and times may vary depending on the season.

  • Please see the FAQ page for advice to make your experience more enjoyable.

If it's temples and cityscapes you want how about this one? Not for the faint-hearted, this route takes you high above the busy streets rewarding you with stunning cityscapes of Kyoto. Then you stroll down through the heart of the famous Higashiyama area taking in a number of attractions including a 500 ton Buddha and the largest bronze bell in Japan.  Regardless of the season this route comes highly recommended. 
Approx 12:30 - 5:00
1 person: 35,000円  /  2 people: 50,000円  /  3 people: 60,000円
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