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"I feel very fortunate to know Stuart Gibson. His photographs not only bring a smile to my face for their originality, but also give me a deep appreciation for what he shows us of Kyoto. Stuart is not flamboyant like many photographers these days. He is direct, measured and confident in what he sees. The best of his images are fresh and without pretension. Going on a slow walk with Stuart through the back streets of Kyoto, of which he is intimately familiar, is an opportunity to experience not only the richness of nature and culture here, but an approach to seeing that teaches us patience and clarity."
John Einarsen, Founding Editor, Kyoto Journal


"I hired Stuart to accompany me for a full day of shooting in Uji, where we shot tea fields, green tea production facilities, farmers, harvesters ... and I couldn't have been happier with the results.  The photos are original, highly personal, and powerful; exactly what I wanted. Stu is a pro, through and through, not to mention a joy to work with. Don't bother looking around for someone better; you have found him."

Eric Gower, Founder, Breakaway Matcha

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