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Kyoto Journal


Kyoto Journal is an award-winning quarterly magazine founded in Kyoto, presenting cultural insights from all of Asia since 1987.  As well as shooting the front cover image for issue 84, this heron shot appeared in issue 90 as well as featuring on the subscription postcard. Kyoto Journal was the recipient of the Commissioner's Award of the Japanese Cultural Affairs Agency 2013. Visit the website here.

Breakaway Macha

Breakaway Matcha is the world's leading purveyor of high quality matcha green tea powder and matcha ceramics. I was hired to do a full day of shooting tea fields around Uji and show some of the images I provided to the company here.

See what they say about me.

Visit the website here.

Midori Farm

Midori Farm is a volunteer, non-profit organization based in Kyoto and Kutsuki, Shiga, whose mission is to revive farmland and rural areas through organic farming and educational events.

Visit the website.

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