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"I highly recommend spending as much time as you have available with Stuart as your guide!"

Such a pleasure to host Todd and Julie Gustafson on an early morning bespoke tour of Kyoto. Todd and Julie are full time professional photographers and documentary film-makers.

From Todd's website:

"Todd Gustafson grew up in Tanzania and has been leading safaris to east Africa for 20 years. Lincoln Park Zoo, Smithsonian, and The Discovery Channel use his images in displays and publications. Nikon calendars, Full Product Guides, Tradeshow displays and Nikon Brand Video all use Todd’s images. Todd has been the “on screen expert” for two National Geographic Great Migration television specials. Iconic Gustafson Photo Safari bird photographs hang in the San Diego Museum of Natural History as part of the “Birds of the World” exhibit. His award-winning photographic skills, knowledge of animal and bird behavior, as well as his ability to work with knowledgeable local contacts, have put his tours in great demand."

So, no pressure then....

Image by Julie Gustafson

We started at Fushimi Inari Shrine at 6am to beat the crowds.

"We spent an amazing day with Stuart photographing the magnificent sights of Kyoto. I reached out to Stuart a month before our trip and we worked together to create the perfect itinerary for the short amount of time we had in the area."
"Stuart asked all of the right questions about our top priorities and suggested an itinerary which provided the best sights in the best light and arriving before the crowds. The photography was amazing!"
"I can’t say enough about what it was like to spend the day with Stuart. We met at the train station and immediately connected on a variety of topics - photography, history, conservation, culture and family."
"Having Stuart as a guide helped us avoid all of the “lost time” in prioritizing locations, unknown transportation connections, best light angles at the locations, etc. It honestly felt like we spent the day with a friend who gently guided us to the right spot for the right picture."

After Fushimi Inari we headed off to Byodoin in Uji City for opening time.

"I highly recommend spending as much time as you have available with Stuart as your guide!"

With our walk around Byodoin finished our time was up and we headed back to Kyoto station. A fun morning with ideal weather and perfect company.

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