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"I've been on many photo tours and yours was one of the best."

Classic Kyoto - Houkan-ji Pagoda

Such a pleasure to host Justin from New York on a huge, afternoon and evening tour.

"It was such a pleasure meeting you and getting your

advice on both technique and places to visit."

With the heavy snow and freezing temperatures of the previous week we couldn't visit the usual start point of the Birds Eye tour so we headed in to Kodai-ji instead.

After that we headed up to Gokoju Shrine. So many interesting details to be found here when we take the time to look.

From there we could get some of the cityscapes we'd missed at Seiryuden.

After some ramen and gyoza we headed to Yasaka Shrine to begin the Night Owl tour.

Then we head in to Gion where we see from the expected... the totally random.

Then down to the historic Pontocho

Many interesting alleys to explore.

And with that we were done with the photos. Just time for a quick pint and a whisky on the way back to the hotel to round out the day.


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