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"Thank you for the wonderful photography tour of Kyoto temples!"

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Such an honor to host Holden and Ed from the U.S. on their second visit to Kyoto.

"The best part of the tour was your insight to Kyoto and leading us through the less traveled streets and temples!"

To beat the crowds we met at 8am and taxied up to Ginkaku-ji.

"Great shots of us at the temples!"

"So nice to have these to remember our fun tour with you!"

Ginkaku-ji is shady until mid morning in autumn but when the sun came up it really shone!

"We really enjoyed having your perspective and of course the photo tips!!"

"Ed also enjoyed sharing conversation and laughs!"

After a full 90 minutes here we headed to our next stop, the idyllic Honen-in.

Honen-in was a little busy but looked great!

On the way out this scene just demanded to be photographed!

Next stop: Shinnyodo.

Shinnyodo tends to be less busy than some of the other big temples around Higashiyama especially Nanzenji, as it's harder to get to.

"...the tour was great fun filled with mystery!"

Public transport is bus only, and there is no parking to speak of, but it's a fairly easy walk.

The result is a more peaceful and enjoyable experience, one of the reasons that visitors love this place whatever the season.

Smart phone photographers abound these days, and Ed put his to good use like a pro.

Next stop: Kurodani

"I appreciate all the Fujifilm tips - great way to learn in action!"

Like me, Holden is a fellow Fuji user and learned a few things about his newly acquired X-T3 along the way.

Our route gave Ed and Holden an unexpected and wonderful view of the temple's main hall and city beyond.

Four and a half hours in, in front of the pagoda at Kurodani, and what was to be our final stop. Hungry, three camera batteries down, memory cards full, and a little tired.

"Hope to be back one day soon!"

To finish, a quick look at the majestic koi in the pond at Kurodani. Then it was on to a nice curry lunch (on Holden and Ed (thank you!!)) at a nearby cafe. After a ten-minute walk back to their hotel we bade our farewells.

A big thanks to my new friends Holden and Ed for choosing to come with me on a Classic Kyoto Photography tour and for sharing some of their shots to share here.

Check them out below.

Old stone path at Ginkaku-ji
© Holden McCurry

Yellow leaves at Ginkaku-ji
©Holden McCurry

The gate at Honen-in
©Ed Byers

Kyoto Photo Tours - Ginkaku-ji
©Ed Byers

Moss and leaves at Gankaku-ji
©Holden McCurry

Ginkaku-ji, the Silver Pavilion
©Holden McCurry

Under the red leaves at Kurodani, Kyoto
©Ed Byers

Camera lesson at Shinnyo-do, Kyoto
©Ed Byers


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