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Book Review: Zen Gardens And Temples Of Kyoto

Zen Gardens and Temples of Kyoto by John Dougill and John Einarsen

"Zen and Kyoto go together like love and Paris".

So says John Dougill, author of Zen Gardens and Temples of Kyoto.

This book is an absolute must-have both for visitors to Kyoto and for those who want to deepen their understanding of Kyoto's ancient Zen Buddhist culture.

Local historian John Dougill gives detailed overviews of every major Zen site in Kyoto, including 'insider' tips for visitors to be found nowhere else.

Accompanying John Dougill's words is truly inspirational photography by John Einarsen, surely the foremost photographer in Kyoto, whose eye for detail helps bring the descriptions to life. Speaking from a photographer's perspective this is a must-have book for the photography alone.

I really can't recommend this book highly enough. Whether you want to make the most of your time in Kyoto, discover more about the world of Zen, or simply to enjoy the wonderful images make sure you pick up a copy.

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