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" absorbing and immersive journey..."

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

It was my great pleasure to host Anne from Australia on the Bird's Eye photowalk on Sunday. The weather couldn't have been better. Clear blue skies and great visibility - perfect conditions to take in the stunning cityscapes on this route. It was four and a half hours from start to finish, mostly spent off the tourist trail. The route is so rich that Anne went through two camera batteries.

In Anne's words:

"Thank you for a fantastic photo walk yesterday. The sights were spectacular, and the fact they were off the tourist path was a bonus. I have some nice shots, but importantly I felt It was an absorbing and immersive journey through Higashiyama. Your tour was definitely at the same high level as the one I took in Singapore with Aperture Tours. I would confidently recommend it to any keen visiting photographer looking to explore areas away from the main busy tourist spots."

To learn more about these walks see the workshops page or drop me a line at

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